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Luke Hytinen has been working in the restaurant and catering business for over 15 years.  He started his career as a chef at 22 yrs old at the Villa Inn & Spa in Indianapolis. He received his training and working closely with some wonderful mentors throughout the Indianapolis Metro area.

After a couple of years in Indianapolis, Luke headed west to receive formal training in northern San Diego. During this time Luke applied for a breakfast cook position at a small French bistro in Escondido, CA named 'A Delight of France'. He interviewed with the head chef and owner Jacques Auber, a master Chef in French cuisine. Luke became Jacques apprentice and was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Luke was not only taught the French technique, but Jacques also taught Luke the skills to run a successful kitchen all while encouraging Luke's creativity.

Most recently Luke found himself in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Blue Door Pubs where he held the title of Executive Chef of Catering alongside Executive Chef Heidi Marsh.

During his career at Blue Door Pubs, Luke's focus was on menu development as well as planning and execution of large events throughout the twin cities metro area.


Luke has also worked with local non-profit organizations as a volunteer. Luke is an active member of The Sons of the American Legion as well as the Bayport Community Action League.

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